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I am deeply convinced that videogames and serious games are two faces of a single coin. Both aim to entertain the player through the constant learning of new mechanics, rules and patterns. The only difference between them should be the impact on the player's life of those things he or she learns.
I specialize in 2D games in order to focus on what I want the player to discover, feel and learn. So welcome, take a look and test games to experience something new and maybe even learn one or two things!


Personnal and collaborative projects


A thrilling coop game for 4 players (and 4 players only!). Communicate efficiently and exchange body parts to escape from the island of a mad scientist. Be careful not to leave any player behind!

Currently in development

Check our official website (currently in maintenance)


A competitive game for 2-4 players. Grab some friends, a couch and a few gamepads, and test it right away!
A prototype I produced in 24h following the theme "battle royal".

Currently in development


Explore a dungeon full of puzzles and foes. Earn gemstones and avoid traps to escape while learning about the reflection and refraction principles.

Designed to fit in the physics curriculum of High School students.

Beta released in February 2018


"We found a map to an underwater treasure, hop on this submarine and don't come back until you have it."

A jam game about waves and submarine exploration. Created in 48h during the Global Gam Jam 2017.

Check our game presentation



With the help of a Master's degree in techno-pedagogical engineering and a degree in primary education, I design and develop videogames as a passion. 
I produced my first serious game, A Mirror's Tale, during my academic studies and took a full year to scrap the surface of what it means to develop a serious game. And I loved it!

Since then, I have the ambition to become a full-time creator of videogames, serious games especially, since I'm deeply convinced that teachers and parents are in need of creative solutions to teach. I think that we should provide every means to help children and young people have a better understanding of the complex world we live in. And I think that appropriate games are a way to do so.


If you want to develop a game, share a good idea or anything else, don't hesitate to mail me to:

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